The Day I Broke my Vision - Part 1

I take personal responsibility for others quite deeply. This is probably why, when it comes to technology, I focused very heavily on what we’re now calling the User Experience. 

Maybe it’s because I’m fascinated by people, how they act, how they make decisions, why they choose to do things that may defy my version of logic, or my preferences.

That may come from growing up with an older sister who was severely handicapped: Blind from near birth, and later developing what was finally diagnosed as autism. To communicate and understand her took putting myself in how I would guess she was experiencing and responding to the world. 

Due to her need for complete monitoring and supervision for her well being, I became her legal guardian for what became the last years of her life. Just four years apart in age, I am not even quite sure how to map the complexity of our relationship at that point in our lives. I did, however, have that strong sense of responsibility overriding many areas of my decisions involving not only myself for my own desired goals, but influencing other relationships, my work, my career, even my unscheduled parts of my life.


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