Be Brave and Iterate. Coaching for Leadership and Personal Transformation.

Session Pricing Plan
Discount offers available reflecting the needs of clients during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This pricing schedule is has been changed to reflect current economic conditions due to the pandemic, and offered for both in-person and remote/virtual sessions.

Single assessment session

Assessments include Wiley® Everything DiSC®, VIA Character Strengths® and other online assessments with full documentation reports and 1½ hour of report review, interpretation and planning outline.

$ 250 each Assessment + Coaching
  • One Online Assessment: Choose from Personality Preferences, Team interaction, Creativity/Innovation Preferences, Personal Strengths (Positive Psychology based), others.
  • Personalized Report (25-50 pages)
  • Guided Interpretation of Results towards Positive Action
  • Discovery and Reflection on Self
  • Models and Templates for Self Directed Improvement
  • Motivations, Purpose and Meaning
  • Be Brave Knowing Your Strengths and Style: Guidance on Starting your Journey
  • __________________
  • TEAM and GROUP rates available

Transformational Coaching Session

$ 200 / per hour
  • Personal Vision
  • Your Authentic Self - LGBTQIA+ (LEATHER? KINK? It's all possible)
  • Purpose of Life & Work Coaching
  • Raising Personal Standards
  • Past, Present & Future Exercise
  • __________________
  • Leadership for Innovation and Transformation according to your Style and Temperment
  • Removing Self-Defeating Biases and Living from your Strengths
  • Live your Lifestyle: Show up LGBTQ+ and Proud
  • Your Diversity is your Creative Edge
  • __________________
  • Sessions available in ½ and 1-hour bookings
  • METHODS: Classic Talk-based Coaching/LEGO SERIOUS PLAY/Scenes and Scenarios/WHAT IF? Visualizations


3 Sessions with discount: Smaller financial commitment with a COVID-19 Hardship discount

$ 500 / block of 3 hours
  • Shorter-term contract than standard 6-Session committment
  • Pre-paid to secure time slots
  • In-person (social distancing), Remote via phone, online, VR available.
  • Excellent follow-up package to the Single Assessment package
  • Ability to purchase 2 blocks (6 hours) at one time, over $100 total savings on per-session rate.
  • __________________
  • Sessions available in ½ and 1-hour bookings